Wilson Audio SabrinaX Loudspeaker $18,900 Review

September 17, 2021 § Leave a comment

The new sound of Wilson is warm, but not in a bad way. Think warm as a result of energy—like molecules being excited, not like sitting by a fireplace drinking scotch on the rocks with a blanket over your legs. The SabrinaX’s ability to convey weight and impact, with surprising power and depth, is wonderful for its size. But I will warn that ¼” movements in placement have dramatic effects on these qualities, and on timbre, as well, harkening back to my set-up warnings above. These things demand meticulous placement, but, boy, do they deliver when everything’s done right. I found that the SabrinaX played all genres of music well, without softening, cleaning, or warming anything up. It was quiet and nuanced, but bold and powerful when called upon. At the same time, it also allowed me to resolve the smallest details and easily identify upstream changes. I was constantly searching for new music, different music than my routine listening lists. And listened to it not just for a song or two, but for entire albums. I have to specifically highlight vocal transitions as exceptional, and the driver integration left this 3-way sounding like a 2-way bookshelf speaker. Cohesive and seamless. And with proper power, it can play loud without losing its composure

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