Denafrips Terminator Plus Review

October 6, 2021 Comments Off on Denafrips Terminator Plus Review

The unit that I received was already run in but Alvin of Vinshine Audio did warn me to make sure to give the DAC enough time to warm up. Of course, I did so, but that did not stop me from doing a comparison from a cold start. Well, it wasn’t straight out of the box as I did let it acclimatize for a day after delivery but I did listen to it right after switching it on. Well, I must say that I couldn’t fault its reproduction. Maybe it was a little lean and perhaps a little cold, but if this was the unit sounding “bad”, then there must be something in store for later! While listening to the unit for several days, honestly, I can’t say that its sound changed very much. Perhaps it got a little warmer overall and maybe a little bit fuller down below but we’re really talking nuances here.


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