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Yet, as good as they sound, I expected a bit more than just an FD5+. The soundstage is equally good, but not wider. Dynamic is superb, but not better. And, most of all, low didn’t go deeper even if they are a tad faster now, which is a good thing of course. But, I wanted a little more magic. 

That said, FiiO did an amazing job the first time, so it’s always hard to improve what’s already great. It always feels natural, soothing, even when I cranked up the volume, or played my usual Techno tracklist. You never feel like throwing back and, once again aspect, the FiiO FD7 sounds much more like an open-back headphone, than an IEM. Which remains quite a feat.

Okay, to be fair bass is still amazing. Lows are deep, clean, and dwells deeply into my eardrum, without overpowering the rest of the spectrum. It’s a cool rumble, one that carries you through your musical journey and leaves you in a better shape than you were when you embarked. Yes, it’s not better than before, but out of FiiO’s portfolio, that’s the best you will get. Even with a low-budget source like the FiiO’s M3 Pro, the FD7 stood its ground. 


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