Accustic Arts AMP V power amplifier $50,000 Review

January 18, 2022 § Leave a comment

Can any single review of audio equipment be definitive, given the differences in listening rooms, equipment configurations, and human sensibility? Perhaps not. Nonetheless, a few things about the AMP V are incontrovertible. It’s not just a powerhouse; it’s a musical instrument that produces bright colors, huge images, and seat-shaking bass. Nor does it skimp on detail. While I didn’t journey into heavy metal during my time with the AMP V—Bromberg, Holst, and Shostakovich on steroids were as close as I got—the AMP V sailed through numerous ultradynamic tracks whose cumulative percussion and brass would leave many a rock fan diving for cover.

The AMP V is one of the finest and most musically satisfying amplifiers ever to enter my audio system. Anyone with a spare $50,000 (and who doesn’t require easy portability) would be foolish not to give it a serious audition.


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