Isolation Platforms from Marigo Audio Lab Review

January 18, 2022 § Leave a comment

If you own one of the discontinued Isothermal Platforms, you’ll find the same features present in the replacement product, but better in every way. Instruments seemed to bloom with a constant swirl of shifting micro dynamics when I swapped in the Level 2 Isolation Platform. With the Level 3 Isolation Platform, the innermost action of the instruments was exposed as never before, bringing us closer to their real world behavior. You don’t often encounter this level of acuity in reproduction.

These platforms are powerful. I found some degree of placement experimentation useful, so be prepared to putter about. But when you hit upon a synergistic placement, the benefits are indeed significant. They invite you to sit down, chill a while, and be amazed. With a few of the L2 and L3 platforms, the competing demands of musicality and resolution were satisfied, and my soundroom was at peace. The King and the Bishop were quietly glowering in their corners, awaiting the next bout.


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