Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 Standmounted Monitor Speaker Review

February 8, 2022 § Leave a comment

This speaker is more than another helping of ‘worthiness from Worthing’: it’s still supremely accomplished, and if I were to be remunerated for the number of times ‘unflappable’ made it into my listening notes, this would have been a very lucrative listening session indeed. You can buy the 805 D4 secure in the knowledge that every aspect of its engineering is ‘just so’ and that the measured performance is likely to be exceptional: there’s not a single regressive aspect of the design from their predecessors and – in pure engineering terms at least – not a great deal of competition at the price.

More than this, though, it delivers levels of emotional engagement and enjoyment that have never featured in my past experiences of the 800 Series. It’s forgiving, both of less than pristine recordings and the equipment with which it’s partnered, and commendably unfussy about placement, too. The latest 800 Series seems to set to do all the things we expect better than ever before, but do them with a level of unbridled fun, too – and that makes this the most appealing iteration yet.


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