Nordost QSOURCE Linear Power Supply $2749 Review

February 25, 2022 § Leave a comment

For the audio consumer, the laws of price and performance are writ in stone. You get what you pay for. Certainly that applies to the three linear power supplies that I auditioned over the last year or two.

Beyond any doubt, eliminating the wall-wart that came with the ethernet network switch is major. The entry-level Sbooster at $399 got me started. For a couple of hundred more, you might consider the Fidelizer Nikola Signature at $695, an all-around respectable device that will move performance up to mid-fi level. The improvement is sizable; the Nikola Signature is a good value.

However, if your destination is the Hi-End, there’s still a hill to climb. To introduce intangibles like atmosphere and timbral finesse, along with tangibles like deep resolution and transparency out to the corners, you might consider the Nordost QSOURCE. It’s at a different price point, but I don’t think you’ll be able to get the top-tier performance it delivered for less. Frankly, the level of refinement the QSOURCE LPS brought exceeded my expectations; my quest for a Hi-End LPS ends here.


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