World Premiere Review!Aric Audio Custom 300B PSET Amplifier $6995 Review

February 25, 2022 § Leave a comment

The rectifiers are two 6CG3 damper diodes that are quieter than regular tube rectifiers and can handle the extra current. The power supply is connected to the amplification unit via two Speakon connections, which I have to say, are the most intense power connectors I’ve seen in a home-use amplifier. The amplifier section of the Custom 300B PSET starts with 6SN7 input tubes in SRPP mode. Those are coupled using Audyn True Copper foil coupling capacitors to triode-strapped 6V6 driver tubes. The drivers are then coupled to the 300Bs using custom-made interstage transformers. This is where it gets really interesting and makes the Custom 300B PSET so unique.

You then have the choice of running the amp in either SET mode with one pair of 300Bs or PSET mode with four 300Bs. As you can imagine, in PSET mode you have twice the power. Plus those four 300Bs in quad formation look so cool. There are a lot more great features in this amp that I won’t go into detail about here. I must add, this is a beautiful amplifier. Both bases are constructed of alternating light and dark woods, and cool retro ammeters on the front of the amplifier unit.

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