Focal Aria K2 936 Loudspeaker $6598 Review

March 1, 2022 Comments Off on Focal Aria K2 936 Loudspeaker $6598 Review

The Focal Aria K2 936 takes a maximalist approach to music reproduction. That doesn’t mean extreme, as no aspect of its performance is out of balance. Rather, for the price they offer a lot of everything. Extreme resolution and musicality. Macro and microdynamics. Serious air moving capability and enjoyable low volume music making. They can rock out while maintaining their composure. The only thing they don’t do is make apologies for mediocre source material. That, combined with their large stature, makes squeezing the best performance from them a bit of a commitment. For those able to afford the $6598/pair Focal Aria K2 936 Loudspeaker, they will provide an immersive musical experience. An essential audition. 


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