Taiko SGM Extreme Hi-Res Music Streamer $32,000 Review

March 1, 2022 Comments Off on Taiko SGM Extreme Hi-Res Music Streamer $32,000 Review


I can only report what I have heard, and what I have experienced in my room. And as of today, The Taiko Extreme gets me closer to the music, closer to what the musicians are conveying to me, and closer to the room/venue that the recording was recorded in than I have previously experienced. And it accomplished this while looking and behaving the part of an ultra-reference component, with the tech support to properly back it.

But… the best?!? Well, I have conveyed to you that I have never heard a better digital source in my room, and I have heard many. I have not heard the Wadax Reference DAC and server (over $100,000 each). But personally, I’d rather buy the Taiko Extreme and have money left over for that F8 Tributo…. If you are looking for a digital source and can afford it, I can not recommend the Extreme more highly; it’s that good!


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