Definitive Technology Descend DN-15 Subwoofer $1,799 Review

March 14, 2022 § Leave a comment

The DN15 is powered by a 500-watt (1,500-watt peak) class-H digital amplifier with a 56-bit DSP that includes three custom EQ modes (Flat, Loud, and Deep). It has an Intelligent Phase Control with eight different options to optimize and align the subwoofer’s phase with that of your main speakers. Along with the phase adjustment, rear-panel controls include volume, EQ, and low pass filter settings, and there’s a button to toggle the sub’s front LCD display on/off. A power switch offers three settings: Auto, On, and 12V. There are also IR and 12V trigger inputs, along with line-level stereo RCA and LFE inputs, and high-level speaker inputs. A small remote control is included that lets you control volume, phase, EQ, display, and low pass settings from the comfort of your couch as opposed to manually reaching behind the sub to make on-the-fly adjustments. Sadly, there’s no parametric EQ or smartphone/tablet control app available to modify EQ outside of the three presets mentioned above.

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