Onkyo’s Classic Integra Power Amplifiers Review

March 14, 2022 Comments Off on Onkyo’s Classic Integra Power Amplifiers Review


My listening session with the M-504 started off great. The mids were a little warmish, but they still had good clarity; the top end was detailed to a point but a touch laid back in absolute terms, and the bass was rounded and a touch soft. Overall it was a pleasant listen, though far from state of the art, or really even the equivalent of good affordable gear. Diana Krall, Lana Del Rey, Pink Floyd . . . it all sounded good, and I enjoyed what I heard until . . . crackle, pop, silence. The Onkyo died less than an hour into my first and only listening session. I unplugged it quickly, just in case there was something more explosive about to come—after all, I had to protect my SF speakers! But my brief encounter with the Onkyo’s sound caused me to wonder afterwards if what I’d heard was even close to representative of what this baby could do in a healthy state.


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