MBL Noble Line N11/N15 Preamp & Monoblock Power Amps Review

March 27, 2022 § Leave a comment


Even with the woozy period production values of David Bowie’s Toy album, once thought to be mythical but now revealed as part of the Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) boxset [Parlophone/ISO DBX 5], MBL’s Noble amplifiers deliver a sound of very fine clarity. They clearly reveal the singer’s vocals have less of Anthony Newley’s vaudevillian influence than the originals as he revisits the likes of ‘The London Boys’ and ‘Let Me Sleep Beside You’.

Similarly, the 2000 live set from the BBC Radio Theatre, also in this boxset, retains real spirit and vivacity, with both Bowie and his band on top form. Here the MBL N11/N15s drove the Wilson Alexx Vs with palpable confidence, revealing a sound of excellent presence and ambience across the eclectic set-list. It’s a thrilling, enveloping sound, with generosity and impact served up in equal measure.

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