JBL 4367 Studio Monitor loudspeaker $16,500 Review

May 3, 2022 Comments Off on JBL 4367 Studio Monitor loudspeaker $16,500 Review


Yet the 4367s deliver more of what I love about the Altecs than more conventional designs do. They don’t deliver it all, but they deliver what they do with fewer sonic tradeoffs. And even more than the Altecs, they largely free the listener from the mental calculus of deciding which types of recordings will sound good on their hi-fi: Unlike most contemporary audiophile speakers, the JBLs are at home with anything from solo harpsichord to the loudest EDM single. When called upon to do so, they can play back music at sound levels that rival a live performance. Besides their imposing size and appearance there’s not much you have to give up for these abilities. Sure, the 4367s will not sound quite as airy and holographic as some rivals, but, at least for me, the tradeoff is more than fair.

The JBL 4367 Studio Monitors provide a lot for your $16,500. They effortlessly fill the largest living spaces with loud music, don’t require mammoth amps (though at least 50W is recommended for all but the smallest spaces), and most importantly will play your whole record collection well. For listeners who want to hear every detail on their favorite recordings at lifelike volumes, these may be just right.


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