Zavfino ZV8-X Review

May 3, 2022 Comments Off on Zavfino ZV8-X Review

For all its differentiation, the ZV8-X does not appear analytical or even drained in the slightest, but plays with fulminance. It also gave Diana Krall on her “Live In Paris” album a grand performance by placing the concert in a spacious frame and keeping a perfect overview in the tumultuous as well as in the quieter passages, while transmitting the tingling live atmosphere and breathing aura in the Paris “Olympia”. Then, at the latest, it was obvious that Zavfino is by no means just any generic newcomer. It rather is a real discovery that even brings a high-quality phono cable with it.

This supposedly sober and rationally constructed turntable delivers a good portion of musical soul on top of a high-class performance. In this form, we‘ll enjoy following the impeccably functioning Canadian very much.


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