Rotel Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier $4999 Review

May 19, 2022 Comments Off on Rotel Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier $4999 Review

I have used the word smooth more than a few times describing the sound of this amplifier. This is an honest observation. And yet inner detail and clarity are all there. Bass is deep and impactful. Soundstage depth and width are excellent. Tonal balance and clarity are effortless yet relaxed. It sounds smooth, but doesn’t mask bad recordings. All the audiophile performance traits are there. But did I feel at times transients could be a bit sharper. Yes, but I was having too much fun listening to the music to worry. Yet the best way I found to describe the sound of this integrated amplifier is that it sounds smooth, musical, and detailed. I have heard smooth and musical solid-state amplifiers before, but they usually come off as trying to replicate the sound of a tube amp. They are usually expensive, and end up sounding colored. I don’t know what kind of alchemy the engineers at Rotel are putting into the Michi line, but whatever it is it is working quite well. This integrated amplifier drew me into the music from the get-go, and never let me go. This integrated amplifier is the best I have ever heard at just making you forget what you are doing and draw you into the music for a long listen.


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