Schiit Freya+ Preamplifier $949 Review

May 19, 2022 Comments Off on Schiit Freya+ Preamplifier $949 Review

Eventually, as my reviewing interests expanded, I realized that I must get a proper preamplifier in order to easily and efficiently compare two or more similar devices by using different lines in and just switching the lines on a remote. I first tried using a passive preamp with more than one input; they were touted as clean and transparent, generally do not require external power, and are much less expensive in general than active ones. But alas, I was not satisfied. I began to notice at audio shows and at other audiophile homes where active preamps were widely used, they offered a sound quality my system lacked; something more satisfying beyond just clean and transparent. I could not put my finger on what exactly was lacking, but I decided to hunt about for a proper preamp (and one with many inputs, not just two). My choice was the PS Audio BHK Signature ($6000)—with a tube front end. It remains my reference preamplifier. And I learned what had been missing: more body, textures, openness, separation of instruments, and warmth in varying degrees; additions that yielded a considerably more musical presentation. I have also heard solid state preamps that hit these marks in varying degrees, so, I am not concluding here that tubes are always necessary/best. But, as some say, a preamplifier is the heart of a fine audio system; I became and still am a believer in that


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