Audio Note Cobra Integrated Tube Amplifier Review

May 25, 2022 Comments Off on Audio Note Cobra Integrated Tube Amplifier Review

The musicality pf this device is striking , even addictive. And you don’t need any technically sophisticated recording, because the Floyds have already sounded great. I did not expect, however, that the debut of the Led Zeppelin group would sound so well, rocking me with so much fire. I listened to the version remastered by Robert Plant and although it is not a particularly good version in terms of timbre, its resolution is excellent, much better than of all previous digital versions.

The sound had a weight and gravitated towards the lower midrange, there was also a lot of bass. The latter, however, was not exaggerated, and in its own special way it was actually an excellent basis for the sound, not overshadowing the midrange. In fact, the sound had great dynamics and scale, and was still warm at the same time. How was it achieved by Lithuanians and Qvortrup—I have no idea. But people from Leben achieved something similar. Again, the sound stage was wide and full, and the sounds placed by the recording engineer behind me, as in the “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” where they had a well-defined position, they were big-bodied, they didn’t seem fleeting.


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