Harbeth Audio P3ESR XD Loudspeaker $3290 Review

May 25, 2022 § Leave a comment


Harbeth is proud to advertise the ‘use anywhere’ adaptability of the speaker. As such, I’m guessing the P3ESR would be the dream desktop loudspeaker, taking convenience with superior sound to the nth degree. But there’s no doubt situated in a well treated room of appropriate size on the suggested stands is the way to go. I’d say the quality and adaptability of these bookshelf beauties would make the ideal entry level high end loudspeaker for budding audiophiles with catholic musical tastes who save a little and want to take a serious step forward in building a quality system. I know many companies attempt to manufacture such a speaker but I’ve not heard one in the size and at the price of the P3ESR XD that matches it for refined, musically immersive sound. They are a remarkable value. Also, their superior fit and finish belies their $3290/pair MSRP.


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