September 11, 2022 § Leave a comment

Mind you, your portable amplifier will need to pack some punch as most DAPs won’t be ideal; but pair them with a Chord Hugo 2 or iFi Diablo and you’ll be rewarded in spades! With comfort levels that allow me to use them for literally hours (compared to roughly 90 minutes for the full-sized AB1266 Phi TC headphones), the Diana TC fire on all cylinders with regards to both comfort and world-class quality of construction. Their neutral tonality with speaker-like bass quality make them a no-brainer high recommendation for me as regardless of the genre of music that I threw at them, I always came away with a large smile on my face. You simply need to give these headphones a serious audition. Their price point might be too much for your budget ($4495 USD), but boy oh boy, your ears still need to hear them and you need to hear just how BIG and clear these small headphones sound!


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