Roksan Attessa Turntable $1,700 Review

September 11, 2022 Comments Off on Roksan Attessa Turntable $1,700 Review

Prior to this review I knew embarrassingly little about Roksan, a company with a well-established pedigree in the industry. Furthermore, when I requested the Attessa turntable for review, it had as much to do with my interest in its design aesthetics as it did in hearing something from the brand. However, as much as I appreciated how it looked sitting at the front of my room, my enduring memory of the Attessa won’t be nearly so superficial. This is a fine-sounding deck, and for a listener like me that gravitates toward components that are transparent, it’s an easy recommendation. The Attessa is a well-executed design both in terms of its engineering and its appearance. Regarding the latter, I found it simultaneously subtle and striking; particularly in the white finish, I think it could add a touch of flair to somebody’s décor. More importantly, the Attessa delivers great sonics. Whether used in its basic configuration or as a platform for upgrading, Roksan’s newest turntable is an excellent option for a no-fuss setup that can also be a long-term investment.


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