ATC SCM50 Passive/Active Loudspeaker $25,999 Review

November 3, 2022 Comments Off on ATC SCM50 Passive/Active Loudspeaker $25,999 Review

This pair of ATC SCM50s was quite simply one of the most breathtakingly revealing sets of loudspeakers I have ever heard. According to my definition of what constitutes high-end sound, these loudspeakers utterly excelled across all parameters, and I believe this is no coincidence. The SCM50 was designed from the outset as a recording engineer’s scalpel; its task was to reveal every unwanted creak of a chair or surplus open microphone channel, and to permit forensic analysis of a singer’s performance or technique. In Making Rumours, Caillat describes how they chose which microphone to use for Nicks’s lead vocals on “Dreams.” He set up around eight top-class vocal microphones on a long line of booms in the live room of the Record Plant studio in Sausalito, California, and asked her to sing into each one in turn. It was quickly apparent to both of them that the Sennheiser 441 best suited Nicks’s voice, and it became her microphone of choice. It’s the incredible transparency and openness of studio monitors that allows such differences to be discerned, and I believe it is the combination of ATC’s studio heritage and superlative engineering that makes the SCM50 such an exceptional loudspeaker for the home.


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