Lavardin ITx20 £11,500 Review

November 3, 2022 Comments Off on Lavardin ITx20 £11,500 Review

Those who evaluate amplifiers like it’s a game of Top Trumps will never ‘grok’ Lavardin because a 55W, four-input amplifier that doesn’t even have a balance control doesn’t hit their spec buttons, and the presence of notionally the same product for thousands less will send them apoplectic. On the other hand, if you listen to the Lavardin ITx there is nothing remotely close to what it does… and the ITx 20 does it a lot better. If you want a valve amplifier but don’t want valves, listen to the Lavardin ITx. And if you like the ITx, only listen to the ITx 20 if you have that kind of money to hand. Because you just might not be satisfied with anything else.


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