KEF LSX II Wireless Speaker System Review$1,400 Review

November 5, 2022 Comments Off on KEF LSX II Wireless Speaker System Review$1,400 Review

Otherwise, day-to-day operation of the LSX II speaker system was a snap, whether streaming from the KEF Connect app or directly from the “native” Qobuz or Tidal apps on my iPad mini. (Though I confess this can get a bit confusing—which app is this, anyway?) Most users will be perfectly happy using KEF’s app. It has all of the expected music-streaming features—playlists, “favorites,” and the like—and is about as simple and intuitive as one can expect in this decidedly un-simple age. That said, I must observe that there are no physical controls on the LSX II speakers themselves apart from the pairing and reset buttons on the rear of the main speaker. So if the KEF remote—which provides volume, input, and play/pause/skip controls—is lost in the sofa cushions and your phone or tablet was forgotten at the office…

Lastly, the Connect app lacks any tone controls, per se. If you choose the “Expert” setup mode you can effectively adjust treble, midrange, and bass by a few dB each, but you must first dig deep into the 104-page PDF owner’s manual to learn how these correlate to “Desk Mode,” “Wall Mode,” treble Trim, and Bass Extension; this is probably done by design to discourage ham-thumbed users from screwing up the LSX II’s carefully created native balance.


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