Music Hall Stealth record player $1649 Review

November 5, 2022 Comments Off on Music Hall Stealth record player $1649 Review

The Stealth’s 4lb, viscous-elastomer–damped, die-cast aluminum platter is topped by a 1/16″-thick, slightly hard, slightly sticky rubber platter mat, which bugged me due to its propensity to attract and hold dust. For comparison, the mat on the original Technics SL-1200 (which I still have and now use on my PLX-1000) is 3/16″ thick, much softer, and doesn’t collect dust. The Stealth’s S-shaped aluminum tonearm sports a light, detachable headshell that does not allow for azimuth adjustment. The arm is specified to accept cartridges weighing 6–10gm—more when the included subweight is installed. Its thick cylindrical arm-pillar housing features a “window” for viewing the movements of the arm’s calibrated (in mm) arm pillar. At the top of this housing is a knurled, 1.5″-diameter knob that allows adjustment of VTA even while a record is playing. A thick, side-mounted lock nut secures the arm in place.

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