AMG Giro MK II turntable $11,500 Review

December 16, 2022 Comments Off on AMG Giro MK II turntable $11,500 Review

While it may not be a Mercedes, the AMG Giro MK II turntable with the Benz Micro SLR Gullwing cartridge proved that another type of machine is capable of transporting you to wonderful, beautiful places. The elegance of the Giro’s design shows that a high-end turntable doesn’t need to look like someone’s junior high school science-fair project to be capable of creating beautiful music.

Five years ago, in his review of the original Giro, Herb Reichert wrote, “the AMG seems to have it all going on: exquisite style, superb build quality, ease of setup, ease of use, and the ability to steer cartridges and play records with the world’s finest record players.” All those observations apply to the MK II version, but now it can accommodate a wider variety of tonearms. Plus, even more than before, while it may look like a svelte supermodel, it can ball with the big boys.


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