Paradigm Founder 120H loudspeaker $8998 Review

December 16, 2022 Comments Off on Paradigm Founder 120H loudspeaker $8998 Review

Here’s one more example of how satisfying the Founders are. On some systems, ride cymbals played with a brush sound like white noise, the drummer’s taps barely discernible as separate events. With these speakers, there’s a crispness to the treble, neither forward nor recessed, that renders delicate cymbal work without smearing. Chico Hamilton’s ride cymbal on his quintet’s “Passin’ Thru,” from the album of the same name (16/44.1, Qobuz), is all there.

My main criticism of the 120H, and it’s mild, is that with most recordings, I didn’t find them completely involving at lower levels. They need to be played with some oomph to make recordings come alive. Below 75dB at the listening position, there wasn’t always enough kick, excitement, or presence. For me, this wasn’t a problem: I like my music loud.


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