CH Precision C1.2 D/A processor $36,000 Review

February 18, 2023 Comments Off on CH Precision C1.2 D/A processor $36,000 Review

In my review of the D1.5, using it as a player, digital conversions carried out by its dual-mono DAC boards, I found—this surprised me—the external clock made a big, meaningful difference. I did not find that to be the case this time, with the C1.2. I heard differences, subtle and difficult to describe, but none that substantially increased or decreased my pleasure in listening. The X1 power supply made a bit more difference, adding, I thought, a touch more flesh, more tangibility, to acoustic objects, but I could live without that, too. Call me easy to please, but I’m willing to settle for just the $38,500 version (with the options I’d need installed)—although I’d also be tempted to include the analog input board for another $2500. I guess a $40,000 DAC—this $40,000 DAC—is good enough for me. So sue me.


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