JBL 4349 2-Way Loudspeaker $8250 Review

February 18, 2023 Comments Off on JBL 4349 2-Way Loudspeaker $8250 Review


These powerful and precise JBLs made everything I listened to through a pair sound fresh and vital. The 1970s studio monitor styling may not suit everyone’staste, but the mesmerizing sound they produce is sure to captivate any music lover’s imagination.

When it comes to speakers, I’ve learned not to judge a design by its looks. But when you first meet a JBL 4349, it’s impossible not to start thinking about the company’s professional studio monitors. The prominent horn, with its curved and bulging shape, takes center stage. The woofer is hidden behind a removable cloth grill, while the horn remains exposed. This speaker takes the tried-and-true hardware combination of a 12″ paper cone woofer plus a compression driver horn-loaded tweeter, combining them to deliver near-perfect sonic performance with refined precision


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