The Digital Side Of My Immersive Atmos Music System

August 28, 2022 § Leave a comment

At first blush this system appears complicated. However, I’ve done all the legwork and know what works and what doesn’t. Most people can also use a single music server and an iPad for playback. I have to use everything because I have to understand how it all works and test it, so I can write about it. 

The easiest route to Atmos music is to use something like an NVIDIA SHIELD with a hard drive full of MKV files, connected to a processor like a Lyngorf MP-40 or Trinnov Altitude16. For most people, this is all they’ll need and it can double as a home theater processor. I’ll write more about this option at a later date. 

As an audiophile who loves music and understands technology, I had to implement the best system I could put together. This involved a mix of consumer and professional software, state of the art digital signal processing, and professional hardware. A system like this doesn’t exist as a package or from a traditional high end audio manufacturer. Perhaps soon we’ll see music servers and 12 channel DACs from our favorite companies, to play immersive audio. 


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