April 21, 2023 Comments Off on HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA JR REVIEW

The mids perfectly connect to the bass and they share the same amount of body but also the character. Natural, but smooth that is. The mid timbre probably is the most impressive. Spaciousness, airiness and that bit of tube smoothness and warmth do it fr me here. The vocals are more to the front and the upper mids have a brighter, less smooth character. The typical vocal presentation doesn’t bother me in any way in this typical tuning, and it always keeps things exciting (but realistic).

The treble section is where the SHANGR-LA jr is less linear and starts getting peakier from around the 2K mark. It’s not so much an issue to me, and many fellow headphone enthusiasts like this typical tuning. Treble is never bright or sharp, but it is energetic, spacious and extends nicely.


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